A Call For Ambassadors!

Byknownsupply February 24, 2022

A Movement That Needs You

When we see social injustices in our world there are 3 general responses people have…

1) We complain, but do nothing.

2) We pass blame on the major players we believe are causing the harm, and wait for them to change.

3) We start making small actions based on how we think things can be better.

The fashion industry is broken. It’s exploitative and wasteful. It’s harming people and the planet. It feels like a problem that is too big to solve. And yet…

There are things we all can do to make a positive impact — both in our personal choices, as well as the influence we have in our families and communities. In reality, change always starts small and it only grows in volume by the addition of other small actions by more types of people.

We are well aware that KNOWN SUPPLY will not fix the fashion industry on our own. But we see our brand as a conduit to resource and equip more people & companies to make better clothing that combats the negative patterns currently in existence.

If you care about creating change and believe in this movement, we want you to join us.

We are starting an Ambassador Team for folks who want to share about the positive impact of sustainable and ethical clothing. Those who care about sharing maker stories, as well as their personal styling tips in order to educate their communities about a new future for fashion.

Apply to become an ambassador and in addition to helping spread this movement, you can give your community a discount AND be able to earn commission on sales you help generate. We currently only have 20 ambassador spots available to kick off our team so please apply soon if you are interested.



Virginia worcester

February 25, 2022

Our business is build on giving back and love soo much your positive movement to make change 💕💕💕

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