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Byknownsupply June 25, 2021

They say a t-shirt is touched by a hundred pairs of human hands before it arrives to you…

KNOWN SUPPLY exists to be a force for good within the fashion industry. Our purpose for existing is to provide safe & positive economic opportunities to the millions of people who are responsible for making clothing worldwide. We seek to do this through THREE main avenues…

1) Production

First and foremost, how we make clothing matters or as we like to say WHO MAKES IT MATTERS ™. Unfortunately, this is yet to be a sentiment shared by the majority of fashion brands, and as a result clothing production continues to be rife with human rights abuses.

We partner with Fair Trade USA to ensure all of our factories are consistently audited for safe & fair working conditions, but even more they provide the framework for additional funds (paid for by brands like us) to be distributed to the makers in the most helpful and effective way possible.

2) Collaboration

“What happens when the story of how our clothing is made, doesn’t align with the values we stand for? Even worse, what if it is working in opposition to what we believe?”

We believe every brand — company, organization, group, etc. — should have access to ethical & sustainable merchandise. That’s why we provide our clothing as a canvas for others to use for their purposes, helping them to align their value system with the merchandise they sell through our SUPPLY HOUSE.

In this way, more shoppers, across all sorts of industries and interest groups, have a chance to experience clothing that’s made in an impactful way and this starts to become the norm.

3) Education

The late, great Maya Angelou famously said, “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” As more shoppers are exposed to products made in a way that positively impact people and better care for the planet we will reach a point of no return. Once you MEET THE MAKER behind your clothing there is no going back to never wondering about those who make the other items that you wear.

Together with all of our partners we are raising the bar for how products are made and paving a new path forward for how we (as individuals and organizations) interact with the clothing we wear.

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