ONLY HUMAN: Salem Mitchell
July 1, 2019

Salem Mitchell is the first individual we are featuring as a part of our ONLY HUMAN capsule series. She has been on an incredible journey Her unlikely road to becoming a model, her intentional approach to speaking her mind and her wisdom well beyond her years are represented exceedingly well…

ONLY HUMAN: A Capsule Series
June 27, 2019

We live in a society that is obsessed with the “other”. We spend most of our waking hours trying to be someone we’re not in an effort to impress. Our sense of self gets lost in mindless scrolling on social media and the escapism of living through other people’s experiences.

How Industries Change
June 13, 2019

It’s not in the same way they are built… From the beginning — and to this day — our clothing has served as a means to helping empower and positively improve the lives of people in underserved communities around the world. However, our goals have evolved from providing for…

Look Book: Summer 2019 Graphics
May 21, 2019

A New Way To Enjoy The World’s Most Ethically Made Shirts We started KNOWN SUPPLY to bring more purpose & humanity to the clothes we wear. We not only wanted to create some of the most ethical apparel on the market, but we wanted to help empower other brands…

New Release: “Hug More Often” by Gregory Beauchamp
April 23, 2019

A Healthy Dose of Optimism We recently came across the art of Gregory Beauchamp and immediately knew we had to find a way to work together. His ability to simply communicate deeply human and optimistic messages grabbed our attention. At KNOWN SUPPLY, we stand for the makers. Those who produce…

April Has Become Ethical Fashion Month. Here’s Why.
April 10, 2019

A Fashion Revolution Is Brewing In an increasing manner, it seems like every day, week and month have become a national holiday of some sort. Left-Handers Day, National Pizza Day, Breast Cancer Awareness Month and World Naked Gardening Day are all among the list of newly adopted holidays of sorts…

Is Your Charity Shirt Actually Empowering Women?
March 8, 2019

Leading With Empowerment Today is International Women’s Day, a day set aside to celebrate women and the vital role they play in society, as well as a reminder of the distance we have to go to create a just and equal world. Over the last few years,…

New Release: The Great PNW Flannel
February 7, 2019

These Roots Run Deep Where we come from shapes us, informs our world view, and becomes the basis for how we interpret our experiences as we go through life. How did your birthplace shape who you are? For me, growing up in the Pacific Northwest gave me an incredible…

Let’s Break Up with Fast Fashion
January 23, 2019

It’s 2019. It’s time. As we step into a new year, we are all asking ourselves what changes we want to make and how our actions can positively shape the world around us. By changing our personal fashion choices we have the ability to create a better world for…

A Holistic Approach to Fighting Human Trafficking
January 11, 2019

(photo by Rescue:Freedom) Welcome to #HumanTraffickingAwarenessMonth The month of January has been declared Human Trafficking Awareness Month. Over the last couple of years we have had the pleasure of working with a number of incredible organizations who are fighting human trafficking globally, making t-shirts and…