Fair Trade Partner: Rajlakshmi Cotton Mills
July 3, 2020

Building Trust Through Transparency We are so proud of the close network of Fair Trade Certified partners that bring our apparel to life. Each one shares our value of using clothing as a mechanism to equip and empower makers through fair wages, benefits, and additional…

Inspiring Black Female Leaders in Ethical Fashion
June 19, 2020

We sincerely believe that ethical fashion is truly for everyone. It has to be. So much related to the future of our planet, and to the present opportunities for the people involved in the industry, hinge upon how we choose to view our purchasing decisions and what we wear.

June 16, 2020

Yes, That NPR… National Public Radio (NPR) reached out to us earlier this year to explore ways we might be able to help them diversify their merchandise and better align their organizational values with the products they sold. If you are a public radio nerd like myself, then you…

Supporting Black-Owned Small Businesses
June 15, 2020

You Nominate. We Give Away Custom Merchandise. It’s hard to put into words what these past few weeks have meant to our nation and our world. The Black Lives Matter movement has reached unprecedented levels, the best seller lists are filled with books about racism,…

4 Ingredients For Creating Change
June 2, 2020

Our Approach To Impact At KNOWN SUPPLY we often talk about our “collective humanity” and the “shared experiences” we all have as people living on this planet. While we believe these universal truths to exist — the dreams we have for our future, the desire to care for our…

How Our Sustainable Face Coverings Are Made
May 13, 2020

Made in USA. Made with impact in mind. At KNOWN SUPPLY, making new products is not something we take lightly. Before any new item is introduced for sale we consider whether we can deliver on our mission of providing meaningful employment, producing something sustainably and sharing the story of…

[VIDEO] THE NEW BREED – The Rise of the Social Entrepreneur
May 4, 2020

Anyone Else Looking For Some Inspiration? Positivity and optimism are not the same thing. Positivity in this current cultural moment would seek to paint a rosy picture of all the reasons why this global pandemic is a “good thing”, or at least aim to showcase all the silver linings…

Why We Decided To Make Face Coverings
April 29, 2020

We weren’t planning on doing this… actually there were a number reasons why I didn’t want KNOWN SUPPLY to jump into making “face masks”. A few of the main ones were: • Originally the need was much more about personal protective equipment (PPE) for medical staff and we…

Have An Answer For #WhoMadeMyClothes?
April 22, 2020

Plainly Put, Talk Is Cheap There has been a growing demand from thoughtful shoppers (aka YOU) to know more about where their clothing is coming from and what it’s made of. This conversation has grown exponentially over the past 5 years and one group has played a major role…

Why It’s Important To Purchase Fair Trade During The Coronavirus
April 15, 2020

The Weakest Link In The (Supply) Chain The uncertainty brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic has only heightened as the weeks pass and new versions of “normal” set in for each of us. The questions surrounding the reintegration of business and gatherings loom heavy on everyone’s minds.