“Secure The Art” Collection by Afritina Coker
October 19, 2021

“It’s a collective reminder for everyone to take artists seriously.” In a society that continues to place value on speed, convenience, and simplicity there is one contingent that is working to help save us all — artists. This latest collection was brought to life by…

Recycle Old Clothes. Earn $$$.
September 9, 2021

We are not going to purchase our way out of climate disaster, meaning purchasing sustainable products won’t solve the larger issue. In fact, the most sustainable clothes any of us have are the ones already in our closet. They were already made and the longer we use them the less…

The Fair Trade Difference: Project Updates 2021
August 25, 2021

In the growing landscape of companies — and especially apparel brands — that are claiming sustainable & ethical practices, we believe certifications matter all the more. (Learn why & read more about our certifications HERE) We wanted to take a moment to highlight some of…

Why Clothing Certifications Matter
July 13, 2021

We live in a time where purpose & sustainability are en vogue. Great right?? Kind of… allow me to explain. What’s amazing about nearly every company in fashion claiming some sort of sustainability initiative is that this is a direct reflection of shoppers’ demand. Brands are being forced to address…

[Video] KNOWN SUPPLY // A New Future For Fashion
June 25, 2021

They say a t-shirt is touched by a hundred pairs of human hands before it arrives to you… KNOWN SUPPLY exists to be a force for good within the fashion industry. Our purpose for existing is to provide safe & positive economic opportunities to the millions of people who…

NPR 50th Anniversary — Capsule Collection
May 3, 2021

50 Years of Information & Innovation Fifty years ago today NPR hosted its first on-air original broadcast of All Things Considered — a show that continues airing to this day. Against the backdrop of the Vietnam War, and with no playbook for how to structure or scale a radio news…

A Cup of Gratitude (x 1,000)
April 12, 2021

“I discovered that my coffee would not be possible without hundreds of people I take for granted.” This was the realization AJ Jacobs had as he went on a quest to acknowledge and thank everyone who was responsible for allowing him to enjoy his morning cup of coffee.

SUPPLY HOUSE: Clothing The World, Ethically
February 25, 2021

When we started KNOWN SUPPLY we set out on a vision to do far more than build our own brand. Instead, we wanted to serve as a catalyst for the ethical fashion movement at large. Our belief is that as more shoppers interact with ethically made clothing they…

[VIDEO] Words Matter: Celebrating The People Behind Our Clothing
February 24, 2021

Gratitude Is Powerful What does it mean to say “thank you”? More than the words themselves, saying “thank you” is an act of recognition, of acknowledgement. You are taking the time to SEE someone else and their contribution. We believe this simple act can be extremely…

January 29, 2021

What Does It Mean To Be KNOWN? For so many of us, we faced one of the most challenging years we’ve ever experienced. We were isolated, anxious, and frustrated but at the same time in a place of discovery — discovery of self and of our community. We…