[VIDEO] Why Ethical Clothing Matters

Byknownsupply July 23, 2020

How Your Purchases Empower

So often when we hear the term “fair trade” we immediately think of “fair wages” and I would venture to say that is where most knowledge of ethical fashion ends.

While wages are a critical aspect of making our clothing more “fair” for those who produce it, much more is needed to ensure the positive impact enabled by our personal fashion choices lasts. Thankfully, our Fair Trade Certified™ production partners know this firsthand and as a result create a more holistic approach to caring for makers.

To illustrate what this looks like in practice, we wanted to highlight one of our production partners in India, Rajlakshmi Cotton Mills. In addition to safe and fair working conditions, they have access to additional funds via the Community Development Fund (or “Providence Fund”), as well as subsidized meals, onsite healthcare, and MORE.

We at KNOWN SUPPLY believe clothing can be a tool to positively impact the world. That’s not to say that purchasing more clothes — or more than we need — is the answer to creating a more equitable world for ALL… but it’s a better option than being naked.

Thank you for your ongoing support of our work. If you are curious. Rajlakshmi is responsible for making much of our basic apparel & accessories, as well as our latest face coverings.


In case you are curious about the impact of Fair Trade Certified garments during the time of a global pandemic, you can read this previous article…



July 25, 2020

Just want to say that your videos about how this company is doing business warms my heart! I feel good about supporting a clothing company such as this! Keep up the good work in doing what is right for this world!

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