Fair Trade Partner: Rajlakshmi Cotton Mills

Byknownsupply July 3, 2020

Building Trust Through Transparency

We are so proud of the close network of Fair Trade Certified partners that bring our apparel to life. Each one shares our value of using clothing as a mechanism to equip and empower makers through fair wages, benefits, and additional education.

That’s why we are grateful whenever we have a chance to visit and see everything taking place firsthand. Transparency builds trust — not only in the direct relationship with our production partners — but also with you, our beloved supporters.

We not only profile each individual maker and invite you to get to the know the person who made your product, but we also highlight each of our fair trade partners who produce KNOWN SUPPLY clothing and accessories. We seek to give you a window into where your clothes are made.

We recently, updated two of our producer profiles on our website HERE. Check them out to listen to playlists made up of the favorite songs of the makers at that location, and gain further context to the powerful work taking place at each partner location.

Above is a quick tour of the sights and sounds at Rajlakshmi Cotton Mills, located in Kolkata, India from a trip we took during the fall of 2019. And below is a playlist made up of songs submitted by the makers in Kolkata.


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