Byknownsupply June 16, 2020

Yes, That NPR…

National Public Radio (NPR) reached out to us earlier this year to explore ways we might be able to help them diversify their merchandise and better align their organizational values with the products they sold. If you are a public radio nerd like myself, then you can appreciate and understand my reaction which was unbridled enthusiasm.

Our goal at KNOWN SUPPLY is to introduce as many shoppers as we possibly can to the people who make their products. We believe this to be one of the greatest ways we can positively impact the fashion industry, as well as our world. It matters because empathy is established amongst fellow humans.

And where these is EMPATHY, there is room for change.

But these connections are truly made possible thanks to our partners — or KNOWN SUPPLIERS — who choose to link arms with us and invite their communities into learning about ethical and sustainable clothing.

NPR has an incredible legacy of connecting people and building empathy throughout our world through their journalism and incredible storytelling. They have been reporting on and humanizing issues for nearly 50 years and we are so honored to get to help them further their mission through their merchandise.

As a starting place we got to comb through their archives of artwork and historical logos to pull together a fun & unique capsule collection. What you’ll find in the initial release (available on their website) is a range of tops adorned with NPR artwork you may recognize and even some our our face coverings featuring the NPR logo (if they are in stock). 🙂

Thanks again to NPR for entrusting us with the brand. We look forward to expanding upon this offering in the seasons ahead! Stay tuned.


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