Dresses That Fight Human Trafficking

Byknownsupply November 7, 2022

This week (November 7th -13th) we are donating 20% of all dress sales to non-profit Dressember, to support their efforts in fighting human trafficking globally.

What is Dressember you ask?

From the organization: Dressember is a global movement utilizing fashion and creativity to combat human trafficking from every angle. This year marks the 10th Anniversary of the Dressember Style Challenge, where people wear dresses or ties for 31 days in December to raise awareness and fundraise to fight human trafficking. Since 2013, Dressember has collectively raised $16MM to dismantle human trafficking worldwide.

Over the years, we have worked with Dressember and other organizations to raise awareness for their causes, and even more for the broader issue of human trafficking. The sad truth of it is that not only is human trafficking a prevalent issue today (with estimates of tens of millions of people being directly impacted), but it also has a long history tied to unfair labor practices within garment production.

That is why we start our work with anti-trafficking measures: fair & safe employment. One of the key tactics in fighting human trafficking is ensuring vulnerable people groups have fair paying jobs so they — or their families — don’t have to resort to trafficking as a means of income. In this way, jobs are a prevention tactic, and that’s the first way these dresses (and all our clothing for that matter) are combatting the evils of human trafficking.

As they pass the decade mark for their work, Dressember has raised the awareness of this global issue through their December campaign, as well as helped to raise money for the rehabilitation and support of victims and survivors of trafficking.

Let’s help them continue this important work.


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