The Fair Trade Difference: Project Updates 2021

Byknownsupply August 25, 2021

In the growing landscape of companies — and especially apparel brands — that are claiming sustainable & ethical practices, we believe certifications matter all the more. (Learn why & read more about our certifications HERE)

We wanted to take a moment to highlight some of the amazing work being created by our Fair Trade Certified partners around the world. As a reminder, being Fair Trade Certified goes above and beyond providing fair and safe working environments. As a brand, we partner with these producers to provide an additional giveback that goes directly to what’s called a Community Development Fund.

This fund is stewarded by a committee that is made up of garment workers and voted on by their peers. It allows each community to address their specific needs by dispersing these funds in the most empowering ways possible. So below is a list of projects that were made possible by the use of these funds.

And PLEASE REMEMBER, the only thing that makes this all possible is socially-minded shoppers who are purchasing items with intention. Yes, that’s YOU. You are making these projects possible so on behalf of KNOWN SUPPLY and all of our partners across the world, we say THANK YOU.

NOTE: Did you know we publish a list of our suppliers, as well as the makers who are responsible for creating our products? Learn More:

Connoisseur Fashions // Chennai, India

After taking a needs assessment survey of makers at this facility, they decided they would create multiple projects to meet the unique needs of their employee base. The Community Development Funds were used to accomplish the following projects:

  • Education: Tablet Device Purchase, School Fees Reimbursement, School Scholarship Fund
  • Home Appliances: Members were able to gain access to one of the following devices — Washing Machine, Refrigerator, Sewing Machine, Water Purifier
  • Fair Price Shop: The Fair Trade Committee uses their purchasing power to buy everyday & household items at a better price in bulk, and then the community of workers is able to purchase these items at a discounted price.

Bestitch Knits // Tirrupur, India

This year has continued to bring about challenges and shutdowns related to COVID, but our partner in southern India and their Fair Trade Committee established the following projects as work resumed in a more consistent manner.

  • Healthy Snacks & Nutrients: Healthy snacks were provided to employees to ensure good nutrition and promote wellbeing.
  • Financial Assistance for Education: A total of 134 students were granted financial assistance for educational expenses.
  • Personal Hygiene Kit: Hygiene kits were distributed to makers for use by their families.

Rajlakshmi Cotton Mills // Kolkata, India

Our partners just outside of Kolkata have also taken direct action in response to the COVID crisis and the needs of their community. Here are two projects they have implemented:

  • Direct Cash Disbursement: Based on their needs assessment survey they determined a direct disbursement of funds to makers was the best course of action to meet present needs.
  • Onsite Vaccine Clinic: Working with local government, they hosted a free vaccination site for all employees.

Learn More About Our Fair Trade Partners

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