Byknownsupply January 29, 2021

What Does It Mean To Be KNOWN?

For so many of us, we faced one of the most challenging years we’ve ever experienced. We were isolated, anxious, and frustrated but at the same time in a place of discovery — discovery of self and of our community.

We asked people the above question and we found ourselves so encouraged by their responses. This was a project spurred on by friend and advisor to the brand Adrian Octavius Walker. Here’s what he had to say about it…

To Be KNOWN sparked during a convo between Kohl and me. When you meet someone and there is an instant connection between the two, the more you build with another — the more you learn — the more you find deep gratitude for one another. To Be KNOWN was generally a conversation of gratitude from coming out of a year that many of us saw so bizarre. Still, with a great community and like-minded individuals around it wasn’t hard to find the sweet spot getting by even when things were low.

Having someone to talk through a situation during such a crazy time goes further than you know. You can start talking about all of the bizarre things that happened within your life, but remember, we got past them. That is what sparked “To Be KNOWN”.

We’d love to hear your thoughts as well. If you’d like to send us a 15-30 second video of you explaining what it means to be KNOWN we will send you a gift from us. Please send completed videos to social [at] knownsupply.com.

It’s a new year, many challenges still lie ahead of us so there’s all the more reason to be good to one another.

Be well.

Thanks to our contributors in Part 1 (in order of appearance): @carlnard / @shutterbugs87 / @courtneynphillips / @dvellyy / @sometimesmillicent / @mellamodeion / @kohlgreyson / @directedbymorgan

Thanks to our contributors in Part 2 (in order of appearance): @a_hudge / @beanieboamah / @zmelhus / @ashleysimpo / @aoctaviusw

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