A Different Kind Of Cyber Monday

Byknownsupply November 30, 2020

100% of Sales Donated to Remake

Every one of us have experienced unique & difficult challenges in 2020, but what has been clear about this global pandemic is the unequal burden being shared amongst people. In fact, much of the greatest challenges are being felt disproportionately by those in the lowest socioeconomic positions globally.

Simply put, many of the most vulnerable people have been hit the hardest & those who make our clothing are no exception.

As a company that stands for the human-side of fashion — and seeks to better the conditions for garment makers — we couldn’t pass through the holiday season without acknowledging this fact. And more importantly

doing something about it.

This year, we have been in the fortunate position to not only maintain our orders from our fair trade production partners, but we’ve been able to increase them as well. Much of this is thanks to you all, our incredible customers & supporters.

So many others in the fashion industry globally have not been so lucky. At the start of the pandemic, thousands upon thousands of orders were cancelled by retailers and brands due to uncertainty and store closures, resulting in billions (yes, BILLIONS) of dollars disappearing that should have been paid out to garment makers.

That is why this Cyber Monday we are doing something different. We are donating 100% of sales to Remake — our allies in the fight to make fashion a force for good.

Remake is a non-profit working diligently to bring awareness to the plight of the most vulnerable people within fashion, predominantly young women garment producers. They take action and raise the profile of the human & environmental impacts of fashion in meaningful ways. Most recently, with their #PayUp Fashion campaign they have brought accountability to the brands who are failing to follow through on their promised orders and have already helped recover over $20 billion in unpaid contracts.

We are proud to stand with Remake and their efforts to make fashion better for ALL. Aside from shopping our website today and having your purchase dollars donated to the organization, you can get further involved by signing the petition at www.payupfashion.com.


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