[VIDEO] THE NEW BREED – The Rise of the Social Entrepreneur

Byknownsupply May 4, 2020

Anyone Else Looking For Some Inspiration?

Positivity and optimism are not the same thing. Positivity in this current cultural moment would seek to paint a rosy picture of all the reasons why this global pandemic is a “good thing”, or at least aim to showcase all the silver linings we see. The danger with this line of thinking is that it can brush over the harsh realities of our times and devalue the full range of emotions these unprecedented circumstances bring up.

Optimism, on the other hand, is much more useful. It acknowledges the present for what it is, and yet allows for the belief that things will get better. As in, they are not good now (and that’s the truth), but they will improve.

If you’re anything like us, during day number $%^? of quarantine you are looking for reasons to be optimistic.

You are recognizing the broken systems that surround us more than you ever have before and you are curious about what our world will look like as we “begin again”.

One of the fundamental realizations we are having during COVID-19 is that business as we know it needs to evolve. So what future do we want to build?

Our co-founder — Kohl Crecelius — is featured in a newly released documentary on social entrepreneurship that helps to paint a more optimistic view of how business could look in our post-pandemic world. THE NEW BREED – The Rise of the Social Entrepreneur follows KNOWN SUPPLY and two other social enterprises as we all navigate our growing endeavors.

The film is streaming for FREE until May 7th, before moving onto to wider distribution.


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