ONLY HUMAN No. 002: Ava Michelle & her #SELFLOVECLUB

Byknownsupply October 2, 2019

A Message for Yourself

Ava Michelle has lived her life in the public eye, yet she never really fit the existing molds society like to assign. People told her that she was too tall to dance, too much of a dancer to sing, and not well-trained enough to act. We’re happy to report that she is dancing, singing, and acting in incredible ways today.

She didn’t listen what everyone else had to say about her, and instead decided that she was going to define who she wanted to be, as well as what she would accomplish.

Through her journey she has learned the importance of loving oneself first and she is bringing that message to the world through a partnership with KNOWN SUPPLY. Her self-described #SELFLOVECLUB was created to equip people with positive reminders of their self worth.

Each item — unisex t-shirt, sweatshirt, hoodie, and raglan tee — is adorned with a positive message, written backwards so you (the person wearing it) can be reminded of who you are when you look in the mirror.

See Below: Ava and her friends gathered at a studio to shoot some the product. Photos captured by @gabbriette.


Mónica Estrada

October 2, 2019

Hi! I'm Monica, I'm from Mexico city and I just want to say, thank you!! Thanks for create this movement!! I really love it and I love you!!

David E. Cetina Montejo

October 2, 2019

This a awesone fan page with greats idea, I loved and I know if the begin of a big bang congratulation


October 16, 2019

Hi my name is Iyonna I just want to say this is a an amazing message you are sending. I really love this I also loved you in Tall Girl.

Beth Chumley

October 5, 2022

First, all of this is amazing!
I’m sure that I’m overlooking something that’s obvious but how can I purchase these items with message written backwards? Great Christmas gifts!

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