ONLY HUMAN: A Capsule Series

Byknownsupply June 27, 2019

We live in a society that is obsessed with the “other”. We spend most of our waking hours trying to be someone we’re not in an effort to impress. Our sense of self gets lost in mindless scrolling on social media and the escapism of living through other people’s experiences.

We idolize the lives, travels, talents, and accomplishments of those we follow.

It’s exhausting…

However, there’s one thing we too easily forget that binds us all together… if we are breathing now we share the great spectrum of emotions and experiences that make up this great human experience.

This capsule series is a celebration of those who remind us of our inherent worth and our common HUMANITY. They live amidst the adversity of everyday life and make the choice to be themselves, for themselves, and an amazing thing happens… it empowers us all to be a little more “us”.

Produced in partnership with our friends Other Peoples Children we will release seasonal product capsules, co-created by individuals who inspire us to live life as we are.

After all, we’re ONLY HUMAN.

Our inaugural capsule was made thanks to the help & creative direction of the indelible Salem Mitchell. Learn more about the inspiration behind this collection & shop the limited edition shirts!

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