April Has Become Ethical Fashion Month. Here’s Why.

Byknownsupply April 10, 2019

A Fashion Revolution Is Brewing

In an increasing manner, it seems like every day, week and month have become a national holiday of some sort. Left-Handers Day, National Pizza Day, Breast Cancer Awareness Month and World Naked Gardening Day are all among the list of newly adopted holidays of sorts that catch fire on social media seemingly out of the blue (although, I haven’t seen much for the last holiday mentioned, thankfully). This act of attaching meaning to (sometimes) arbitrary dates can be both a fun and meaningful exercise of building awareness and/or celebrating with funs.

Whether you have realized it or not, the month of April has began to play a major role in the movement of ethical and sustainable fashion, something we happen to be very passionate about here at KNOWN SUPPLY. But why is this?

There are two main reasons why April has become such an important month for ethical fashion:

#1) Fashion Revolution Week

There’s no denying the groundswell of momentum that is taking shape for ethical practices and sustainability within fashion. Much of this is being driven by shoppers (a.k.a YOU!) demanding more from the brands they support, which is especially encouraging to see.

Six years ago, a group came along to really unite and ramp up efforts to bring a collective consciousness and voice to this growing segment of shoppers. Fashion Revolution chose their own spot on the calendar to host Fashion Revolution Day, a 24-hour period to remember the more than 1,100 lives lost at the Rana Plaza Factory collapse and to ask clothing brands “Who Made My Clothes?”

There efforts have expanded greatly over the years and they now help to facilitate hundreds of events globally during what is now known as Fashion Revolution Week (April 22nd – 28th, 2019). Brands, shoppers, and activists unite throughout this week to raise awareness and further the conversation around how we can improve the fashion industry for the people and planet.

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#2) Earth Day

Two things have become increasingly clear in recent years: 1) climate change is an ever-growing threat to humanity, and 2) the global fashion industry is one of the worst culprits of waste and pollution. Thus, it’s clear that our personal fashion has a serious role to play in the larger conversation of environmentalism.

Earth Day (April 22nd) was originally founded in 1970 and is celebrated in 193 countries today. However, it seems like fashion has largely been devoid from the conversation until recent years.

Today, apparel companies across a wide spectrum are utilizing more earth-friendly materials and business practices to begin combatting the negative correlation between clothing and climate. Earth Day now serves as a time for the fashion industry to celebrate the positive movement and be reminded of how far we have to go.


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