New Release: The Great PNW Flannel

Byknownsupply February 7, 2019

These Roots Run Deep

Where we come from shapes us, informs our world view, and becomes the basis for how we interpret our experiences as we go through life. How did your birthplace shape who you are?

For me, growing up in the Pacific Northwest gave me an incredible appreciation for seasons, weather (no it’s not all rain), and the value of strong, supportive communities. Endless exploration was just outside the front door. It inspired a sense of creativity and resourcefulness to create fun no matter the conditions or time of year.

It also spurred something else inside of me… a desire to travel and experience many different types of people and cultures. Our work at KNOWN SUPPLY was ultimately a response to this exploration beyond the bounds of familiarity and it found us co-founders volunteering around the world to literally, and figuratively, expand our horizons.

That being said, I truly believe there is no place like home. Even more, there’s nothing better than supporting long-time friends who you met there. Thus, we have come full circle with this latest project.

We created a custom flannel in collaboration with our friends at The Great PNW. It is a first-of-its-kind product for our collection, but it comes with the same values you’ve come to expect from us: fair trade certified, 100% organic cotton, and hand-signed by the person who made it.


Shop the limited edition flannel NOW! And go get outside.


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