Ethical Gift Guide: It’s Not About the Clothes

Byknownsupply December 11, 2018

ethical gift guide

‘Tis the Season… But For What?

I am a fairly new father. My wife and I have two young boys that we are doing our best to raise with an empathetic view of the world and those who inhabit it.

As our oldest grows up we are realizing how difficult this can be in a hyper self-focused time of year like the holidays. He is just getting to understand how Christmas “works” and he’s overrun with excitement about the thought of opening presents. Using him (and his innocence) as a proxy, I’ve been very aware of how easy it is to fall into a “what’s in it for me?” mentality this time of year.

We’re all guilty of it, but if we don’t recognize this reality — and push back against it — the holidays are in danger of becoming little more than an elaborate gift exchange.

We believe the KNOWN SUPPLY community gets this. You know that it’s not about the shirt that you can gift, but the opportunity for employment you’re providing. It’s not about filling someone else’s closet out of obligation, but inviting them into the experience of introducing others (and maybe for the first time) to the idea that there are human beings behind the clothes they where.

These are the types of reminders that have allowed me to bring purpose back to this season of gift giving. I hope this is a helpful for you, and that you are finding your own ways to redeem this time of year and make it more than an opportunity to receive.

Have a blessed holiday season,

p.s. I put together a list of other brands I believe in who produce in an ethical and empowering manner in case it’s helpful. 😉


KNOWN SUPPLY (men’s & women’s apparel… duh)
Outland Denim (denim with #zeroexploitation)
Reformation (stylish ready to wear women’s fashion)
Apolis (menswear & accessories)


Krochet Kids intl. (headwear & accessories for men, women & children)
Nisolo (leather footwear & accessories)
Veja (conscious & chic footwear)
The Giving Keys (hand stamped jewelry empowering Los Angeles)
31 Bits (jewelry, accessories & home goods)


Hati Hati (indoor/outdoor home furniture)
Rose & Fitzgerald (thoughtfully sourced home goods)
The Little Market (stylish artisan made homewares)
Verve Coffee Roasters (…because coffee)

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