TEDx Talk: “The Power of Knowing Who Made Your Clothes”

Byknownsupply November 5, 2018

Our Idea Worth Spreading

We are living amidst one of the greatest humanitarian crises our world has ever known. Our lack of humanity — the inability to see and recognize fellow humans — is damaging our planet and its people in a serious way.

Few industries embody this disconnection of humanity more than the global fashion industry. Opaque manufacturing processes and consumption rooted in cheaply made fast fashion is contributing to serious human rights violations and environmental degradation.

All that being said, we at KNOWN SUPPLY believe apparel is uniquely positioned to bring about positive change.

We see our clothing as a connection point between two groups of people: those who made it and those who wear it. In this TEDx talk, I wanted to share about the sincere power of these connections and the ability they have to improve our world for the better.


p.s. If you believe in celebrating the people behind the clothing you wear, we’d be honored if you would share this talk with others.


Mikaela Wall

November 7, 2018

Such an insightful and moving speech! Thank you for what you do!

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