Fashion Revolution

Byknownsupply April 5, 2018

fashion revolution

Challenge yourself to answer this one simple question:
“Who made my clothes?”

Most of the time, we do not have an answer to this question. This is a problem we want to solve.

Born in 2013 after the tragic Rana Plaza factory collapse, Fashion Revolution cultivated a global movement that continues to work towards a new future for the fashion industry. Every year during the week of April 23 – April 29th, Fashion Revolution calls for greater transparency, sustainability, and ethics within the global apparel industry by encouraging people to ask the brands they love: “Who made my clothes?”.

This topic is something that is very special to us – we pride ourselves on the fact that no product is complete without the signature of the woman who made it (like Debora Nuñez, pictured above). We connect you with the person that made your product through the profiles each maker has on our website.

Alongside Fashion Revolution, we’re inviting you to take a stand. We created a simple yet powerful t-shirt inspired by this movement. Like Fashion Revolution, we believe that clothing can and should be made in a way that honors the people and the planet. With this t-shirt (and every KNOWN SUPPLY product!), you will always have an answer to the question “who made my clothes?”.




fashion revolution
fashion revolution
fashion revolution

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