Partner Spotlight: Almond Surfboards x Slightly Choppy

Byknownsupply January 18, 2018

Almond Surfboards Collaboration

Surf Inspired. Thoughtfully Crafted.

It is said, “Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are”. If this rings true, we are proud to introduce you to a couple of our dear friends and the collaborative products we helped them bring to life.

Dave Allee of Almond Surfboards and Scott Richards of Slightly Choppy are two people we admire greatly. Based in Southern California and sharing a passion for surfing are two things they share in common, and as a result it could be wrongly assumed that this was the basis for their collaborative efforts. But it goes much deeper than that.

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Collectively, their value system is built upon a deep respect for the process of making. The attention to craftsmanship is expressed in each one of the pieces they create individually, whether it be beautiful single fin surfboards or hand painted flags, and that ethos came to life even more in what they built together.

With this intense appreciation for process, we were honored when they came to KNOWN SUPPLY to help bring their vision for apparel to life. Together, we were able to test the limits of our own process and accomplish a unique vintage look for our garments we hadn’t done previously.

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It’s safe to say, the process isn’t always perfect but when you’re surrounding yourself with people who make you better, the end result will always be something you can be proud of.

From Dave Allee of Almond Surfboards:

“These pieces are the results and relics of craftsmen who are near and dear to the ocean. The resulting pieces are washed heavily and marked with the details that define Scott’s commitment to creating thoughtful ‘artifacts’.”

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Almond Surfboards and SLightly Choppy

Almond Surfboards

Almond Surfboards t-shirt

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And a bonus video we love from Almond…

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